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We are proud to present this gorgeous black beauty as our newest and most exciting baked-skin moonca..
S$64.80 S$51.84
A brand new lotus paste baked mooncake variant making the Old Seng Choong list this Mid-Autumn is a ..
S$60.80 S$48.64
Once again our classic red bean mooncake with pine nuts takes centre stage and this version is for t..
S$60.80 S$48.64
For traditionalist who appreciate the humblest of baked mooncakes, this classic favourite is bo..
S$54.80 S$43.84
Our classic white lotus paste mooncake contains the iconic egg yolk blend - a paste of two salted eg..
S$60.80 S$48.64
Our Wu Ren mooncake this year introduces two new surprises - the Chinese ham is replaced by a genero..
S$68.80 S$55.04
Packed with flesh from the famous King of Fruits - Mao Shan Wang durian. Favoured for its rich and c..
S$80.00 S$64.00
Inspired by Hong Kong's red bean soup dessert, relish the refreshing hints of orange and lemon peel ..
S$64.80 S$51.84
This set contains 8 mini snowskin, 2 of each of the follwing flavours: Cranberries with Choya Sno..
S$60.80 S$48.64
Each box contains one each of the following mooncakes: White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk Blend Cus..
S$64.80 S$51.84
This simple yet luscious baked mooncake creation is ideal for the little ones and traditionalists. E..
S$64.80 S$51.84