Old-Seng-Choong Black Truffle Mac & Cheese--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Chicken Tagine (2pcs)--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Handmade Butter  ~Unsalted--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Handmade Butter ~Garlic --Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Handmade Butter ~Truffle--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Mac N Cheese--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Mac N Cheese


Old-Seng-Choong Otah Tartine --Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Pasta Sauce ~ Beef Bolognese-(for 5 pax)-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Pasta Sauce ~ Beef Bolognese

(for 5 pax)


Old-Seng-Choong Pasta Sauce ~ Chunky Tomato-(for 5 pax)-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Pasta Sauce ~ Chunky Tomato

(for 5 pax)


Old-Seng-Choong Pasta Sauce ~Mushroom Cream Sauce -(for 5 pax)-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Pastry - Satay Chicken Puff--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Pastry ~Char Siew Pie (3 pcs)--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Poulet à la Crème-(2pcs) -Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Poulet à la Crème



Old-Seng-Choong Soup ~Clam Chowder--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Soup ~Cream of Corn--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Soup ~Cream of Mushroom --Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Soup ~French Onion --Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Soup ~Roasted Pumpkin--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Soup ~Tomato Soup --Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Soup~ Roasted Carrot--Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Traditional Cake ~Carrot Cake -900g-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery
Old-Seng-Choong Traditional Cake ~Yam Cake -900g-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

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