Cereal Prawn

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Cereal Prawn Cookies 麦片虾饼

This cookie features the familiar taste of Nestum cereal and the fragrant aroma of freshly chopped curry leaves. Each cookie is also flecked with small dried shrimps for extra texture.

麦片虾饼有着我们熟悉的Nestum营养谷粮滋味。 切碎的咖喱叶为麦片虾饼增添香气。每一块饼干都配有小虾米,不仅吃起来味道鲜美,而且口感上更有层次分明。


Ingredients : Wheat Flour, Butter, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Egg, Cereal, Dried Shrimp, Baking Powder, Curry Leaves, Salt, Pepper



ALLERGEN : Gluten, Egg, Milk Products and Crustacean 


Storage : Ambient


Net Weight : 180gm

Old Seng Choong

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