Hae Bee Hiam


  • $19.80


Authentic Singaporean Cookies by Old Seng Choong

An addictive spice and shrimp flavour bring us the Hae Bee Hiam, a widely popular snack that Singaporeans love. This classic delight reminds us of festive occasions, where adults and children gather round and try their hands at rolling mini prawn roll crackers for the Chinese New Year goodies. Our Hae Bee Hiam with its crumbly texture and real shrimp bits and aromatic flavour makes for great pairing with the fizzy drinks we enjoy during this festive period.

Allergen: Gluten, Crustacean, Eggs, Soy, Dairy
Storage: Ambient
Net Weight: Approx. 180gm.

mich 22/05/2020

I tried about 10 flavours and this is absolutely heavenly. Buttery, slight spicy with strong taste of Hae Bee Hiam! Reminds me of Chinese new year, A favourite of our whole family, it has our top vote!

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