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OSC started our first Facebook Live in April 2020 for Chef Daniel Tay to interact closely with our customers.

While the team was experimenting on the new online shopping concept, OSC received many love and support from our beloved customers. Hundreds watched our FB live where Chef Daniel Tay and Hui Min introduced new products specially for FB Live (Eg. Ciabatta, Mushroom Soup, Porridge & Balsamic Vinegar).

On 2nd July 2020, we invited our 'Top Fans' on Facebook to join us in our bi-weekly signature event to show a token of appreciation for their regular support. In this special Facebook Live, Chef Daniel personally cooked each course for the guests to enjoy while also hosted online sales for hungry customers present virtually. 

Over the past 2 years, OSC Facebook Live played a critical role in the livelihood of our business during the pandemic hardships. We are also immensely grateful for all the new friendships that were forged in this journey. To all the guests who made special appearance during our Facebook Live, thank you for coming down and joining us! 

On 14 June 2022, we decided to host our last Facebook live called The Grand Finale. This time, we invited our second batch of 'Top Fans' to join us for the last time. From Foie Gras to Pork Ribs to Tiramisu, we hope the guests had a fulfilling experience with us. 

Moving Forward, OSC plans to focus on our offline sales at our physical stores (Clarke Quay Central and MBS) and interact more with our customers through our social media platforms.

You can watch more of our Facebook Live Here

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This is not goodbye, it's see you again (on our social media!). 

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