Kueh Kosui Cookie 卡穗糕饼

Kueh Kosui Cookie 卡穗糕饼
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Kueh Kosui, an iconic Nyonya dessert, is made with the richest gula melaka, pandan coconut and tapioca flour to form morsels of soft kueh covered in textured coconut shavings. Now turn that into what Old Seng Choong does best – creating bite sized cookie version of Singapore signatures, and you have the Kueh Kosui cookies. This crispy counterpart to the original dessert is sure to win hearts with the fragrant, unadulterated coconut and gula melaka flavours. This is a piece of Nyonya heritage that will leave you wanting for more.

老成昌首创了这款卡穗饼干,无论在口感与味觉上,都有过之而不及, 并也传承了
娘惹文化其特色。香脆与丰饶南洋风味的椰香, 更让您爱不释手,只要咬上一口,

Ingredients : Flour, Butter, Palm Sugar, Egg, Dessicated Coconut, Molasses, Coconut Powder, Coconut Paste, Milk Powder, Salt, Baking Powder and Gula Melaka
成分:面粉,黄油,棕榈糖,鸡蛋,干椰子,糖蜜,椰子粉,椰子酱,奶粉,盐,发酵粉, 椰糖。

ALLERGEN : Gluten, Eggs, and Milk Products

过敏原:麸质,  鸡蛋, 奶品


Storage : Ambient


Net Weight : 180gm


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