Premium Four Heavenly Kings 四大天王 (4pcs)

Premium Four Heavenly Kings 四大天王 (4pcs)
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Excellent for gifting, the Four Heavenly Kings四大天王 – (Premium) presents an elegant tiffany blue faux leather tiered case adorned with watercolour florals and peacocks. The box also comes with choice Red Tea and Da Hong Pao tea blends.

Each box contains one each of the following mooncakes:

White Lotus Paste with Pumpkin Seeds 南瓜子白莲蓉 
White Lotus Paste with Yolk Blend 蛋黄馅白莲
White Lotus Paste with Yolk Blend and Mixed Seeds 什锦果仁蛋黄馅白莲蓉 
Red Lotus Paste with Bakwa 肉干红莲蓉 
Red Tea 红茶
Da Hong Pao 大红袍

*Note: Flavours in each box cannot be exchanged.

ALLERGEN : Contains Egg, Gluten, Soybean, Milk Products, Peanut, Sesame and Tree Nuts

Storage : Ambient

1 Jul - 31 Jul : 20% 
1 Aug - 13 Sep : 20% + additional 5% off for DBS/POSB card holders 

Booth Location

B2 Takashimaya Square: 8 Aug - 13 Sep

*Pls login as a member on the top right hand corner of the page before keying in "DBS" and then the first six digits of your DBS/POSB card for the application of the additional 5% discount. 

Eg. "DBS123456"

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