Sambal Chilli


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Sambal Chilli 叁芭酱

Well-loved as a go-to condiment in Singapore, you can now use this as a nice addition to your meals.

Ingredients : Chilli, Onion, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Dried Prawn, Garlic, Candlenut, Asam, Belachan, Salt, Permitted Preservatives E200

成分:辣椒,洋葱,食油,白糖,虾米,蒜头,八角粒,啊叁,八拉煎,盐,批准保存剂 E200

ALLERGEN : Seafood, Nuts, Soya and Wheat


Storage : Ambient / Refrigerate after opening

Serving per package: 1
Serving Size: 100g


Net Weight : 225gm

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