OSC Cookie Tea Set 礼盒 (饼干/茶)

OSC Cookie Tea Set 礼盒 (饼干/茶)
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An Exclusive collaboration with Juan Tea
Customize your very own cookie tea set for a relaxing afternoon or have them as a gift to a loved one. 


Tea Selections
(7 sachets x 2 gm per tea tube)

Relaxing Blue
Wash away your Monday Blue and destress yourself with this relaxing Blue Tea. A fragrant blend of French Rose and Lemongrass will help you to relax and destress from hectic days.

Calming Green
Keep calm with this sweet blend of Lemongrass, Butterfly Pea Flowers and Pandan Leaves. It helps you to reduce swelling and relieves headaches.

Cooling Yellow
Beat the heat with this cooling concoction of Arhat Fruit Flowers and Chrysanthemums. It reduces heatiness and gets rid of phlegm. It also helps to cleanse liver and moisten your lungs.

Wholesome Violet
Opt for this cooling tea of wholesome goodness from black wolfberries and chrysanthemum. It is packed with nutrients and vitamins. It also helps to nourish your liver and improve eyesight.

Rainbow Tea
Tantalize your taste buds with all 7 different flavours in the Rainbow Tea Collection.

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